We all want a little more flexibility in our lives, so we are introducing the monthly pass which is now available with flexible purchase and start dates.

Effective from Thursday 21 May 2020, we have upgraded our monthly pass products for Waiheke and Devonport with flexible purchase and start dates, to give you more choice with your purchase date, and the date you start using your monthly pass.

This means you can now purchase your monthly pass on a day you choose that works for you, and your month of travel will start from the first day you scan it. This improved monthly pass will replace the current pass where previously there was a mandatory 5-day window for purchasing your monthly pass.

You can now purchase your monthly pass any day, online, at our ticket offices and through our customer call centre.

If you have a current monthly pass, it will still work as normal and you can enjoy the new benefits from 21 May. If you have a Devonport 30-day pass, this will still work as normal and can be renewed as normal; however, we recommend switching to the new monthly pass  as we will no longer be offering this product going forward.

The current March 2020 monthly passes are still valid for use until their expiry on the 31 May. You can choose to purchase your new monthly pass any day you like and start using it after 31 May, it will be activated from the first day you scan it. For those who travel on our monthly passes, you will need to renew your pass from 31 May.

With an increased number of passengers travelling with us at alert level two, we recommend adjusting your travel times, and avoiding peak periods where possible.

For travel advice during alert level two please visit: https://www.fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/covid-19-travel-advice/#

Thank you for your continued support in following government guidelines onboard to help keep fellow passengers and our crew, safe.