• What is Fullers360 doing to prepare for the possibility of an outbreak of COVID-19 in Auckland to protect its staff and ferry passengers?

    Fullers360 is following the advice of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation and is taking a joint approach with Auckland Transport. We are both in frequent contact with the Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

    Here are some measures we are taking to keep our staff and customers safe on board:

    • We have increased high levels of cleanliness and hygiene practices onboard our vessels with crew cleaning surfaces frequently and after each shift with appropriate cleaning equipment. We will keep updating this practice in line with Ministry of Health advice to prevent spread. 

    • Additional hand sanitizers are provided on all vessels along with soap and water in all restrooms. 

    • We are advising any staff members displaying signs of cold/cough or flu to stay home and seek medical attention. You may see some of our crew wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

    • Auckland Transport has provided prevention/cough and sneeze etiquette posters for placement on the ferries, reminding staff and passengers of appropriate steps to prevent spread. 

    • We’re removing unwrapped food from our cafes. 

    • We’re temporarily pausing the use of keep cups or personal tumblers at our cafes. 

    • Social distancing on-board our vessels is encouraged, and we suggest at this stage leave at least one seat between other passengers. 

    • Alternative travel arrangements are restricted to bus only, Uber will no longer be available as a replacement service – if a service is cancelled, we will notify via Travel Alert if there is a bus replacement.

  • What is Fullers360 advice for ferry users?

    For those who continue to travel with us, this is our advice:

    • Where possible, travel off-peak and avoid crowds
    • Find a quiet space on board and make the most of fresh air
    • Wash your hands regularly using soap and water in the bathrooms or use the sanitiser on wharves and vessels
    • Be kind to one another, including our crew who are committed to keeping you safe

      If you are travelling home to self-isolate, this is our advice:

    • Practice social distancing and find a quiet space away from customers on board
    • Please wear PPE gear if you feel unwell
    • Travel outside of peak commuter periods
    • Make use of the outside space on-board
    • Utilise the hand sanitiser available on wharves, before boarding
    • Avoid touching surfaces where possible
    • Sealink is a service available to Waiheke where you can travel in your own vehicle

    As always, our crew are here to help and ensure your journey is a safe one.

    For the latest information and regular update please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/

  • How are we keeping our customers informed on latest updates related to COVID-19?

    The situation with COVID-19 and New Zealand’s ongoing response is changing daily. As a business and public transport operator we are working hard to make some proactive and practical decisions considering the evolving situation, whilst also responding to new information and advice as it comes in.

    It’s a priority to keep our customers informed. We are notifying customers regularly via our Travel alerts. On the website, we have set up a new COVID-19 response page and will be updating this page regularly as changes are made. For the latest COVID-19 information and advice for our customers please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/

  • Are there any operational changes to ferry services related to COVID-19?

    Currently, all our services continue to run, excluding our Coromandel service which will be paused from Monday the 23rd of March until further notice.

    However, we will keep our customers updated about any changes in line with the government and Ministry of Health advice. We have set up a new COVID-19 response page and will be updating this page regularly as changes are made.

  • What happens if I’m unwell while on board or displaying symptoms?

    If you are feeling unwell while traveling with us, this is our advice: 

    • Find an isolated area on board the vessel to limit close contact
    • Please cover your face and mouth while coughing or sneezing
    • Please consider wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) while you’re travelling with us
    • Avoid touching surfaces where possible
    • Wash your hands regularly using soap and water in the bathrooms or use the sanitiser on wharves and vessels
    • Seek medical advice and phone Healthline when you disembark
  • The government has banned indoor gatherings of 100+ people, will it affect my ferry travel?

    No, this new measure does not apply to public transport, workplaces, supermarkets and educational institutes. Currently, it will not affect your ferry travel.

  • Where can I find more information?

    For more information, please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/ or  covid19.govt.nz/ to follow Ministry of Health guidelines.

  • Can I make cash transactions for purchasing food & drinks from the ferry café?

    We encourage all our customers to use electronic transactions or card payments for any purchases made on board at our ferry cafes to avoid human touch as much as possible.

  • What are my options regarding flexibility / amendment / cancellation of my booking?

    Please read these Terms and Conditions before purchasing a ticket, tour or pass. You may get in touch with our Contact Centre for specific enquiries related to COVID-19.

  • I don’t want to travel because of COVID-19 concerns – can I cancel my tour booking and get a refund?

    We understand customers concerns in relation to travel at this time. Please check our Terms & Conditions page for cancellation policies.