COVID-19 Customer Update 07-10-20 3:30PM

Our services at Alert Level One

Following the Government announcement on Monday 5th October, Auckland will be moving to Alert Level 1, at 11:59pm on Wednesday 7th October.

Face coverings encouraged on public transport

During alert level 1, masks or face coverings are not mandatory on public transport. We encourage you to continue wearing a mask or face covering while travelling with us. When you wear a mask, you help protect those around you, while keeping yourself safe.

While we will not be enforcing the use of masks for passengers travelling with us, we encourage their use. Wearing a mask or face covering is at the discretion of the passenger.


Our services will continue to run on the current operating timetables. Please keep an eye on our website and the MyFerry App for our latest updates.

The recently reintroduced 30-minute off-peak timetable on the Devonport service will continue to run.

To check the timetable for your sailing please visit: fullers.co.nz/timetables-and-fares/  

Increased cleaning

Throughout all alert levels, we have maintained increased cleaning and sanitisation onboard our ferries and buses. We will continue our enhanced cleaning practices and regimes, including regular disinfecting of all vessels, with antimicrobial protection fogging. We want to ensure our passengers feel safe while travelling with us at every alert level.

There is hand sanitiser available on wharves, and onboard vessels, as well as hand soap in the rest rooms. For added safety, our sneeze guards will remain in place at our ticket offices, and onboard cafes.

Contact tracing

NZ COVID Tracer app posters will continue to be displayed onboard all our vessels. We ask all passengers to use this app to document movements and the service they have travelled on.

If you don’t have the app, we also maintain manual passenger registers on all our vessels to further support contract tracing efforts, located at the onboard cafes.

Passenger capacity restrictions ease on public transport

Our ferry services continue to operate at standard capacity. Physical distancing is still encouraged, if maintaining a safe distance is not possible, then masks or face coverings are recommended.

For those looking to continue practicing social distancing our advice is to travel off-peak and to avoid our busier peak hour sailings.

The Government advice is to stay home if you’re unwell.

For travel advice during alert level 1, please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/covid-19-travel-advice/

For more information, please visit at.govt.nz/about-us/news-events/face-coverings-encouraged-on-public-transport/

Thank you for doing your bit to keep yourself and those around you safe.

COVID-19 Customer Update 16-09-20 4:30PM

Passenger Capacity restrictions ease on public transport

In line with Government guidance of physical distancing restrictions easing on public transport in Auckland from Monday 14th September, our ferry services have resumed operating to standard operating capacity.

While we are back to normal capacity, wearing a face mask or covering is still mandatory on public transport and we urge our customers to keep your face covered when boarding the ferry and for the duration of your journey. Our crew are reminding customers of the use of face coverings and where appropriate, crew will seek the support of on-wharf security or the police who are responsible for enforcing the alert level 2 guidelines.

As we welcome more passengers, we have a few tips for a smooth sailing experience:

  • Try to travel off-peak and avoid crowded peak hour sailings wherever possible
  • Physically distance yourselves in queues while boarding, and where possible take responsibility for your own physical distancing on board
  • Continue to keep up high levels of personal hygiene – make use of the sanitising stations on wharves before boarding, alternatively wash your hands with soaps available in the bathrooms onboard our vessels
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early for your service if you are unable to be flexible with your travel.

Please continue to scan the QR codes onboard vessels and on the wharfs via the NZ COVID Tracer App to help with contact tracing.

For travel advice during alert level 2, please visit fullers.co.nz/covid-19-updates/covid-19-travel-advice/

For more information, please visit at.govt.nz/about-us/news-events/covid-19-update-physical-distancing-seating-restrictions-lifted-on-public-transport/

Thank you for doing your bit to keep yourself and those around you safe.

COVID-19 Customer Update 18-08-20 5:00PM

Update - Extension for monthly passes

Good news! For those unable to use monthly passes due to alert level 3 restrictions, we are pleased to inform our Waiheke & Devonport monthly passes holders we will be applying an extension to your monthly pass. The total number of days you had remaining when we went into alert level 3 will be automatically be added to your monthly passes once we are out of alert level 3 restrictions.

If you still require our services for essential travel on your monthly pass and your pass has expired during level 3 restrictions, please either renew your monthly pass as normal via the MyFerry app or purchase a return ticket. We will add the remaining days to your monthly pass once we are out of alert level 3 restrictions.

The remaining days on the Devonport and Waiheke monthly passes will be calculated from when the alert level 3 came into effect in Auckland: 12 August 2020.

This means we will honour the remaining days you were unable to use in your monthly pass, up until the length of alert level 3, ensuring customers are not out of pocket due to travel restrictions. When Auckland moves down an alert level and travel restrictions ease, a new expiry date will be automatically applied to  your monthly pass. If your pass expired with no renewals during alert level 3 restrictions, then we will add the days when you next renew your monthly pass.

Please note there will be no other credit, refund or discount options.

Please remember, at alert level 3 the Government guideline is to travel for essential reasons only.

Thanks for your continued cooperation and patience during this time.

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